Getting started


Installing Halcyon IDE

Halcyon IDE is developed in java to make it simpler to use in all possible operating systems. Running this cannot be more simpler. Download the jar file from here and run using command below.

java -jar Halcyon_IDE_v2.0.1jar

Installing from Source

You can also download the source from git and free to compile the project in your own machines.

# install dependencies 
apt-get install default-jre
apt-get install ant

# clone from git
cd /opt
git clone

# compile the source 
cd Halcyon/
java -cp /opt/Halcyon/src/lib/autocomplete.jar:/opt/Halcyon/src/lib/rsyntaxtextarea.jar:/opt/Halcyon/dist/Halcyon_IDE_v2.0.1.jar halcyon.ide.HalcyonIDE    


Halcyon IDE uses Nmap program files installed on the running machine. When running for the very first time, the IDE asks to configure this. Halcyon IDE configuration wizard can automatically identify nmap files and make this setting easier for you. You may need to restart Halcyon IDE for the settings to take affect.